OpenText + XMedius statement on impending Google Cloud Print decommissioning

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In November 2019, Google announced that Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported after December 31, 2020. They are encouraging users of their solution to find alternatives before this date, suggesting they switch to either a native printing solution or third-party printing applications.

If you currently use Google Cloud Print to support printing of XM Fax documents, we strongly encourage you to look for an alternate solution right away.

The OpenText + XMedius print solution

OpenText + XMedius offers such an alternate printing solution for XM Fax in the cloud. The MFP Printing Tool allows incoming faxes from the XM Fax Cloud solution to be directly printed on site on any basic or multifunction printers of any brand (TCP/IP based or local) without having to use an external cloud printing service.

The tool facilitates 2 options for transferring fax data to printer(s):

  • Web Services: The Printing Tool pulls faxes on a regular basis from XM Fax Cloud web services. This method supports printing of inbound faxes.
  • Local folder: The Printing Tool watches a local folder where XM Fax Cloud delivers data via remote file transfer (SFTP or FTPS). The customer provides and manages the file transfer server. This method supports printing of inbound faxes as well as outbound fax delivery notifications.

In both cases, the Printing Tool features flexible configurable routing rules.

Who to contact if you have any questions?

Should you want to know more about the MFP Printing Tool for XM Fax Cloud, please reach out to your authorized XM Fax partner, reseller, or regional sales manager.

The XMedius Cloud team

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