Fax service upgrade on Tuesday 2020-03-17 and Wednesday 2020-03-18

Team XMedius -

The XMedius Cloud team is planning a major version upgrade of its fax service software following this schedule:

  • Tuesday March 17 @ 20h CET: European platform (xmedius.eu)
  • Tuesday March 17 @ 20h EDT: US platform (xmedius.com)
  • Wednesday March 18 @ 20h EDT: Canadian platform (xmedius.ca)


This upgrade requires no downtime, as traffic will be transparently redirected to the secondary datacenter of the corresponding region while the primary datacenter platform is upgraded and tested.


The whole process will last for about 3 hours in each region.


If you should experience any unusual issue with the service during the maintenance period, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support group. Contact information can be found at https://support.xmedius.com


The XMedius Cloud team.

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