XM Fax App for HP® Workpath® Multi-Function Printers (MFPs)

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XM Fax App allows faxing documents through your XM Fax Cloud Service, directly from HP® Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) that support HP® Workpath® applications.

Note: While 'HP® Workpath®' is the new name for 'HP® JetAdvantage Link®', you may occasionally find the old name used in some places such as links, portals, firmware EWS, Front Panels and documents.

Getting the App

The installation of the App can only be done by HP Service Providers/resellers (HP Direct Sales representatives).

Note: Ask your HP representative to deploy the App to your managed devices via the HP Command Center website. Fees may apply. Please check with your reseller for more details.

Before Installing the App

  • An XMedius Cloud account – with the XM Fax service enabled – is required to use this App.
  • The MFPs on which you will install the XM Fax App must meet the following requirements:
    • Must be a HP® Workpath® compatible device.
    • Must have the latest firmware installed.
    • The HP® Workpath® Platform must be enabled. For details refer to the device technical documentation or visit the HP® site.
    • Must have Internet access to the XM Fax Cloud Service.


Document Download
Installation Guide Describes all steps to install and configure the App on your MFPs.

English | French | German

User Instruction Sheet Quickly shows how to send a simple fax and provides an overview of the options offered to the users of the App.

English | French | German

For more information about the XMedius Cloud services, see XM Cloud Platform and Services.

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