Maintenance on 2020-01-21 (with downtime)

Team XMedius -

This is to advise that the XMedius Cloud team will perform a maintenance on all 3 service regions (EU, CA and US) in the evening of January 21st, 2020.

The team will proceed with the deployment of the XMedius Cloud Management portal version u21 and perform a minor infrastructure update that will cause a downtime of less than 15 minutes to both the XM Fax and XM SendSecure solutions.

During the downtime, users will not be able to access the platform and new outbound faxes will be refused (for email-to-fax, email servers will retry automatically). The platform will continue receiving inbound faxes but will route them only after the downtime period.

The maintenance will follow this schedule and the downtime will happen near the beginning of the period:

  • EU ( between 20h00 and 21h00 CET (Paris)
  • CA ( between 20h00 and 21h00 EST
  • US ( between 21h00 and 22h00 EST


Furthermore (and unrelated), for the customers of the US ( platform, we will perform a failover of the Fax solution to our secondary datacenter between 22h00 EST and 3h00 EST due to the maintenance of some equipment by one of our telco carriers. This will be totally transparent and will not affect service availability.

The XMedius Cloud team.

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