Maintenance on 2019-09-30 (no downtime) and 2019-10-03 (with downtime)

Team XMedius -


The XMedius Cloud team will be performing maintenance on all its platforms (US, CA, EU) on Monday 2019-09-30 and Thursday 2019-10-03.

For Monday 2019-09-30, the maintenance concerns the Fax Service only and will require a transparent failover to our secondary datacenters. We expect no customer impact. The maintenance will happen between 8pm and 10pm EDT (UTC-4).

For Thursday 2019-10-03, the maintenance will affect both Fax and SendSecure services. We expect a downtime of 20 minutes. During that downtime period, the Fax service will continue to receive faxes, but will deliver them after. The maintenance will happen between 9pm and 11pm EDT (UTC-4).

The XMedius Cloud team.

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