Allowing Unlisted Users to Send Faxes by Email

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Allowing users that are not necessarily registered in your enterprise account to send faxes based on a trusted email domain such as your corporate one.


If your corporate environment requires that your users will mainly send their faxes by email, you do not necessarily require to create user accounts for them or synchronize them from your Active Directory.

In fact, you have the option to enable the email-to-fax functionality for such users, based on their email address domain – for example, your corporate SMTP domain. Note that you can use multiple domains for this, as long as you own them.

To enable this option, you must request XMedius to configure your account to instruct the XM Fax service to trust the considered domains – specifically for the email-to-fax functionality.

Warnings and Requirements

Before requesting such a configuration, you must be aware that this option will allow anyone using any email address of the specified trusted domains to send faxes through your enterprise account – which significantly increases the risks of potential abuse.

For this reason, you must:
  • Use domains that clearly belong to your company. It is your responsibility to keep the control of all related email addresses.
  • Configure your account to properly secure the communications involved when using the email-to-fax functionality, and especially restrain the email sources authorized by your account: see Securing Email-to-Fax Communications.

Default Behaviors for Faxes and Fax Senders

Unless they are already registered (i.e. have a user account) in your enterprise account, email-to-fax senders that use email addresses belonging to the specified trusted domains:
  • Will all use the same default settings as defined in the enterprise account: default faxing profile, default user language and main fax number for outbound number.
  • Will not be able to benefit from any other functionality of your XMedius cloud services (i.e. receiving faxes, accessing your cloud portal and sending faxes through any other client).

Requesting the Configuration of Trusted Email Domains

  1. Mention your need to your XMedius Cloud onboarding agent, or send a support request if you already have an account (
    You will then receive a form to make the request according to our policies.
    Note: In this form, among other required information, you will need to provide the complete list of SMTP domains that need to be trusted. You may have to certify that these domains belong to your company.
  2. Fill-in the received form, sign it and send it back to your contact agent at XMedius.
    Important: At this point, you must certify that your account is configured to properly restrain authorized email sources (using spoofing protection or mail server whitelisting), otherwise XMedius will refuse your request.
Once the form is processed by our team, you will be able to see the configuration summary in your Enterprise Settings, under Email-to-Fax Security > Trusted Email Domains.
Note: If you need to disable this option or modify your list of trusted email domains, simply use the same process by sending a support request.
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