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The XM SendSecure Mobile App provides XM SendSecure users with a convenient interface to create and manage their SafeBoxes directly from their mobile devices.

The XM SendSecure mobile app is available in English, French and German – for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

Getting the App

The app is free, simply go to Apple's App Store or Google Play and search for XM SendSecure.


An XMedius Cloud account – with the XM SendSecure service enabled – is required to use this App.

Configuring the App

To use the XM SendSecure Mobile App, you have to provide (at least the first time):
  1. Your Enterprise Account – which is your XMedius cloud enterprise account unique identifier.
  2. Your User Name and Password – which are your personal XMedius cloud account credentials.

Using the App

The following articles describe what can be done with the XM SendSecure Mobile App:
Note: These articles use visuals taken from the XM SendSecure Web Application, but the Mobile App technically works the same way.
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