Business Continuity test for the XMedius Cloud European ( platform on Tuesday 2019-01-15

Team XMedius -

The XMedius Cloud team will perform its annual BCDR test for the European ( platform.

The procedure consists of doing a transparent (controlled) datacenter failover followed by a complete disconnection of the primary datacenter. The goal is to prove and document that the operation of the Fax and SendSecure services are not affected by a blackout of the primary datacenter and that the XMedius Cloud operation team can continue managing the platform without the presence of the primary node.

XMedius evaluates the risk of this test low as the main actions taken during the procedure actually happen regularly during the year.

The operation will be performed between 9am and 11am EDT and requires no action from the customers (totally transparent).

If you observe any anomaly, don't hesitate to contact our support, contact information can be found at


The XMedius Cloud team.

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