XM Fax Connector 10.0 for Xerox® EIP® enabled MFPs

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How to Get the Product

This product is available on demand.

To get the XM Fax Connector 10.0 for Xerox® EIP®, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Description & Content

This Connector is an improved solution allowing Xerox Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) that support the Xerox EIP technology to fax documents through your XM Fax service.

The downloadable package includes:
  • The Connector installer.
  • All the Connector documentation (Connector's Installation Guide and App's User Sheet) in several languages.
Note: Although the Connector may currently use the name "XMediusFAX" in its interface and documentation, it is fully compatible with the XM Fax cloud service.

Minimum Requirements

Connector Server Host

The "Connector Server Host" is the server on which the Connector will be installed in order to be remotely used from the MFPs.


  • 1 GB RAM minimum allocated for the Connector

OS & software

  • Windows Server 2012+
  • Any recent Web browser
  • Java 1.8 (precisely this version)


  • Internet access to your XM Fax Cloud service.
  • Network access to communicate with the MFPs.

Multi-Function Printers (MFPs)

Any MFP intended to use this Connector must meet the following requirements:
  • Xerox® EIP® version 3.0+.
  • Network access to communicate with the Connector Server Host.

Fax Solution

The use of this Connector requires to have an XMedius Cloud enterprise account with the XM Fax service enabled.

If you do not have such an account yet, please contact your XM Fax reseller.

Installation & Configuration

To install the Connector and make it usable from your MFPs:
  1. Get the Connector distribution package (see How to Get the Product).
  2. Install the Connector on a server according to the above requirements (see Connector Server Host).
  3. Configure the Connector General Settings.
  4. Create one or several Configuration Profiles according to your needs.
  5. Add your MFPs to the Devices list (which will install an app link on each intended MFP).

For more details on these installation and configuration steps, see the Connector's Installation Guide.


Installation Guide Describes all steps to install and configure the Connector in order to use it from your MFPs. English | French | German
User Instruction Sheet Quickly shows how to send a simple document and provides an overview of the options offered to the users of the app interface available on the MFP. English | French | German | Spanish | Italian | Portuguese | Russian


Version Release Date Summary


  • Updated Install Guide: Have a way to update multiple devices (MFP) at the same time (TT#26877)


  • Have a way to update multiple devices (MFP) at the same time (TT#26672)


  • Validation of signed certificates may occur even if the "Validate Server Certificate" option is disabled (TT#26005)


  • Initial Public Release
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