XMedius Cloud Update • 2018-06-29

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This article lists the changes of the XMedius Cloud platform and services as of 2018-06-29.

Account Administration

  • Toll-free numbers can now be added in the same account as regular fax numbers (DID):
    • To enable the support of toll-free numbers and know the related billing details, contact your sales representative.
    • The availability of this feature may be subject to conditions if your fax service is provided through a reseller.
    • Once the feature is enabled, adding/porting toll-free numbers must be requested by opening a support ticket.
    • For more information on toll-free numbers, see the article: Managing Fax Numbers.
  • SendSecure user license information is now available in the portal for administrators of accounts in subscription mode (when the SendSecure service is enabled):
    • The total number of subscribed licenses is displayed in the Enterprise Settings page.
    • The number of licenses that are still unused is displayed at the top of the user list.
  • Call detail record (CDR) improvements:
    • A tab has been added in the CDR (Excel file) to list the number porting events that occurred within the billing period.
    • The Rate column label has been adjusted to provide a more accurate context depending on the type of recorded call.
    • Administrators of accounts in subscription mode can now enable or disable the sending of the CDR by email (attached with the invoice) at the end of the billing period.
  • Administrators benefit from several new user management options:
    • The list of users can now be exported, either in the form of a CSV or an Excel sheet. Among others, this list includes the fax numbers assigned to each user.
    • The list of users can now be filtered by role (for example, to get the current list of administrators) and by service to which they have access.
    • Administrators can now edit all users at once (bulk edit) for the following user properties: access to the SendSecure service, display language and time zone.
    • Administrators can now manually create a user account even if an invitation is pending for this user.
  • The list of fax numbers can now be exported by administrators, either in the form of a CSV or an Excel sheet. Among others, this list includes the users assigned with each number.
  • The layout of the invoice statements (PDF) has been improved to provide more accurate and detailed billing information (only available in subscription mode).
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.
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