XMedius Cloud Update • 2018-03-29

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This article lists the changes of the XMedius Cloud platform and services as of 2018-03-29.

Account Administration

  • An expiration time has been added to links sent via email:
    • Password reset links will now expire after 24 hours.
    • User Invitation links will now expire after 1 week.
  • The user email validation performed in SSO context when using MFP apps/connectors or local applications installed on user PCs is now case insensitive.
  • Fixed an issue where the RIO field (used for number requests in France) was not copied to the new request when using the "Copy As New Request" functionality.
  • The user account creation API now allows to create users with random password regardless if SSO is enabled in the enterprise account or not.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Security Profiles can now be configured for requesting participants to accept a consent statement before posting any content to a SafeBox, based on the fact that their posted data, including their personal information, need to be saved into SendSecure storage for the purpose of exchanging information. This functionality, in addition to the high-level security already in place in SendSecure, is intended to help gain compliance with standardized PII processing regulations – such as GDPR.
  • Guest participants are now provided with more precise information on the security settings of the SafeBox to which they are participating. This information (about SafeBox content encryption and retention) is displayed when replying to an existing SafeBox or when creating a new SafeBox through a Secure Link.
  • The SendSecure REST API v2 has been updated with the following:
    • Added the support of Reply functionality.
    • Added the "encrypt_attachments" property to the SafeBox security options returned by the API.
    • Added the count of unread messages among participant info returned by the API.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the SafeBox modification date/time to be updated when the participant list is modified through the API.
    • Fixed the file upload call response to ask for public encryption key only if the SafeBox is set with Double Encryption.
    • Improved the error handling when getting a file without providing the decryption key when the SafeBox is set with Double Encryption.
    • Improved the error handling when getting the list of security profiles with an Access Token while the user_email is invalid.
    • Improved the error handling on edge cases that might occur when creating a SafeBox.
  • The behavior of the participant management functionality has been improved to prevent the same participant to be added multiple times to an existing SafeBox.
  • Participants will now get an appropriate error message when trying to upload a file to a SafeBox that is already closed.
  • The file upload mechanism has been improved to ensure that the "Send" button remains disabled when an error occurs during the upload of multiple files.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • The Web Services have been improved to provide users with the ability to perform any allowed action on their faxes.
  • New methods have been added to the Web Services to allow to get the list of XMediusFAX destinations available to a user and support inbound fax forwarding to these destinations.
  • The remote folder destination path interpretation mechanism has been fixed to allow absolute paths to be properly reached during fax delivery.
  • Support of push notifications for the upcoming XMediusFAX Mobile App version 2.0 (for iOS and Android).
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.
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