XMediusFAX® App for Toshiba e-BRIDGE enabled MFPs

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Product Download

XMediusFAX Toshiba e-BRIDGE App 1.0 (2.5MB)
  • MD5: 8240D2BD34A10CF73D1BD1B67DDFAD0A
  • SHA1: 01E9B8265D717789EDD9A90339F4C6C32A84AD0B

Description & Content

This XMediusFAX App is a solution allowing Toshiba Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) that support the Toshiba e-BRIDGE Next (eBN) platform to fax documents through the XMediusFAX Cloud Service.

The downloadable package (zip file) includes:
  • The App itself – in the form of another zip file named XMediusFAX_App_<version>.zip (keep this file as is, unzipped).
  • All the App's documentation (Installation Guide and User Sheet) in several languages.

Minimum Requirements

Multi-Function Printers (MFPs)

Any MFPs on which you will install the XMediusFAX App:
  • Must be a Toshiba® e-BRIDGE® Next (eBN) MFP, with minimum SYS firmware version 1073 (see Complete List of Supported MFPs).
    Note: eBX devices are not supported.
  • Must have Internet access to your XMediusFAX Cloud service.

Fax Solution

The use of the XMediusFAX App requires to have an XMedius Cloud enterprise account. If you do not have such an account yet, please either
  1. Contact your Toshiba reseller for assistance


  2. If you have a Voucher Code (which you may have purchased from Toshiba or a Toshiba dealer), select the appropriate link below to establish an account in the location of your choosing:

Administrator's PC

The "administrator's PC" is the computer from which the App will be installed on the MFP (through TopAccess).

This computer must:
  • Include a Web browser.
  • Have network access to communicate with your MFP.

Installation & Configuration

To install and configure the XMediusFAX App on an MFP:
  1. Download the App's distribution package (see Product Download).
  2. Remotely access the MFP using TopAccess (as an administrator).
  3. Install the App (Administration > Application).
  4. Add a button for the App on the MFP screen (Administration > Registration).
  5. Configure the App according to the fax solution you are using.

For more details on these installation and configuration steps, see the App's Installation Guide.


Installation Guide Describes all steps to install and configure the App on your MFPs. English | French | German
User Instruction Sheet Quickly shows how to send a simple document and provides an overview of the options offered to the users of the App. English | French | German | Spanish | Italian | Portuguese | Russian


Version Release Date Summary



  • Improved the user authentication mechanism to properly retrieve the user SMTP address in all cases.
  • Improved the display and management of contacts and groups within the App.
  • Added the latest list of supported MFPs to the documentation.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.



  • Initial Public Release


Complete List of Supported MFPs

The XMediusFAX App is supported by the following e-BRIDGE Next MFP models:
  • e-STUDIO8508A Series
    • e-STUDIO8508A Model
    • e-STUDIO7508A Model
    • e-STUDIO6508A Model
    • e-STUDIO5508A Model
  • e-STUDIO5008A Series
    • e-STUDIO5008A Model
    • e-STUDIO4508A Model
    • e-STUDIO3508A Model
    • e-STUDIO3008A Model
    • e-STUDIO2508A Model
    • e-STUDIO2008A Model
  • e-STUDIO7506AC Series
    • e-STUDIO7506ACT Model
    • e-STUDIO7506AC Model
    • e-STUDIO6506ACT Model
    • e-STUDIO6506AC Model
    • e-STUDIO5506ACT Model
    • e-STUDIO5506AC Model
  • e-STUDIO5005AC Series
    • e-STUDIO5005AC Model
    • e-STUDIO4505AC Model
    • e-STUDIO3505AC Model
    • e-STUDIO3005AC Model
    • e-STUDIO2505AC Model
  • e-STUDIO2500AC Series
    • e-STUDIO2000AC Model
    • e-STUDIO2500AC Model
  • e-STUDIO4508LP Series
    • e-STUDIO4508LP Model
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