Upcoming change on XMedius Cloud public IP addresses (US platform)

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XMedius will be changing the public IP Address range of its Secondary US Datacenter (Portland, Oregon) on May 21st 2018.

As such, if you have configured email delivery rules and/or firewall rules based on our IP addresses, you MUST update them before that date. We recommend that you take action immediately by allowing, in parallel, the use of the old (i.e. current) and the new IP addresses. Later on (only after May 21st 2018), you can remove the old addresses.

Furthermore, XMedius is taking this opportunity to reserve more addresses (3 instead of 1) for this secondary location. Although you may initially not see any traffic coming from these addresses, you should authorize all of them in order to be future-proof.

The original and new IP addresses are listed below, with typical scenarios where you might have configured IP address filtering.

Please note that all restrictions that are based on DNS names (including our MX records for outbound faxing via email) will not be affected by this change.

Before May 21, 2018 As of May 21, 2018
Receiving faxes and fax notifications via email

If you have configured rules to force TLS and/or restrict email delivery from our mail relay servers.,,,,,,

Fax delivery to SFTP/FTPS/SCP/FTP or via custom python scripts

If you have configured rules to restrict access to your destination server from our IP addresses.,,,,,,

Web service / Web portal

If you have restricted API calls to send or receive faxes, or if you have configured proxy or firewall rules to restrict access to the web applications.,,,,

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