Meltdown & Spectre issues – Follow-up

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This statement is a follow-up on the XMedius statement on the Meltdown & Spectre issues we published last month.

According to plan, we performed some mass tests before and after applying the intended Microsoft Windows patches on several XMediusFAX deployments, in order to measure the impact of these patches on the fax functionality performance. Note that the Intel BIOS updates, ultimately withdrawn by the manufacturer, were not applied for these tests.

As expected, the patches will have no impact on the vast majority of XMediusFAX deployments.

However, if your XMediusFAX system hardware is already stretched to its limit in terms of CPU usage, the rate of fax pages per hour may be decreased by up to 4%.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support.

The XMedius Team

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