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We recently updated our Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy in order to provide you with better service. Here's a summary of the changes that were made:
  1. A new privacy policy has been implemented. The description can be found at the following address: https://www.xmedius.com/en/privacy-policy/
  2. We now have only one TOS available in English and French that covers the Americas, Canada and Europe. The TOS is available at: https://portal.xmedius.com/terms_of_service
  3. The new TOS covers two Cloud services: XMediusFAX and a new XMediusSENDSECURE service. This service allows the secure sharing of large and/or confidential files.
  4. The location of a customer's data storage will be determined by the geographical region of the customer's main business address as indicated in the Services Proposal, unless there is a specific agreement on this subject. XMedius will obtain customer consent before changing the jurisdiction in which the storage location is located.
  5. The new TOS contains precise definitions of data retention for both services during the use of these services and also in case of discontinuation of one or both services.
  6. In the event that a customer is subject to restrictive laws regarding the transfer and storage of health data, the customer acknowledges that he may only use the Services following the conclusion of a special agreement to that effect with XMedius.
  7. Pricing is different for upgraded 1-800 numbers than for normal numbers.
  8. Payment deadlines are 30 days unless a service contract is signed between the customer and XMedius. This service contract can extend the payment period by 30 days.
  9. In the event that the average fax page transmission is more than sixty (60) seconds, XMedius reserves the right to bill the Customer a surcharge, based on the following calculation: ( average transmission duration per page in seconds - 60 ) / 60 * price per transmitted page * number of pages sent or received. This surcharge shall be billed on a monthly or quarterly basis based on current usage or, as the case may be, shall be debited from the Credits.
  10. In case of legal dispute, the location of the competent court will be according to the location of the customer's registered office.

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy include more information about these updates and some other minor changes. Please read the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully.

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Have any questions about the changes? Email us at: support.cloud@xmedius.com

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