Adding Credits Using a Voucher Code

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How to feed your Enterprise Account with credits received in the form of a Voucher Code.


This procedure can only be done if:
  • You are an administrator of your XMedius Cloud Enterprise Account,
  • Your Enterprise Account is set in Prepaid mode, and
  • You received by email a link to a SafeBox with a valid/unused Voucher Code generated by XMedius:
Note: If you need help accessing a SendSecure SafeBox, please refer to the article Using XM SendSecure: Overview.


  1. Log into the XMedius Cloud portal.
  2. Use the menu to access the Redeem Voucher Code page:
  3. On the Redeem Voucher Code page:
    1. Copy/paste the code you received in your SafeBox.
    2. Validate it to verify the voucher content (credits, expiration).
    1. Redeem it to feed your account with the credits.
    Once the code is redeemed, the Credit Transaction History page appears, showing your credit balance:
You can now start to consume the added credits.
  • The credits will expire according to the lifetime that was specified in the voucher (if not consumed by that time).
  • Multiple voucher codes can be redeemed; all their credits will add up to your balance.
  • You can check your credit balance at any time by accessing the Credit Transaction History page (shown above) through the menu:
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