Telecom issues at our primary US datacenter

Team XMedius -

During the night, we have been experiencing telecom issues at our primary US datacenter. After verifying that these issues were not present at our secondary US datacenter, we transparently flipped all traffic to it.

The issue is still under investigation and we will flip back to our primary US datacenter only when we are totally confident that the issue is resolved.

Note that both datacenters are always in sync, your settings and data (faxes for example) are the same in both locations, making it completely transparent for your users.

We would like to remind you that if you are using any remote delivery method for faxes like sftp/ftps or custom integrations in python and have chosen to apply restrictions on our IP addresses, you have to include our secondary datacenter address. The following addresses are used when delivering faxes through the methods listed above:, and

If you are experiencing any unusual behavior with the service, please contact us immediately.

Phone: +1-855-867-5065 (North America) | +33 (0)1 70 92 13 13 (Europe)

The XMedius Cloud Team

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