Faxing from External Devices (Mobile & MFP)

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How to send faxes via external devices such as your smartphone, your tablet or a Multi-Function Printer (with or without a dedicated XMediusFAX Connector/App)

Faxing from your Mobile Device

Your smartphone and your tablet can be used to easily fax documents from anywhere through your XM Fax Service; two full featured applications are available: for iPhone/iPad and for Android phone/tablet.

Simply search for XMediusFAX in iTunes or Google Play, and install the app on your mobile device.
Note: The app requires a quick first-time setup: you just need to select the "XMediusFAX Cloud service" (blue icon) and enter your Enterprise Account that you received by email after your registration to the XM Fax service.
  1. Ensure that your mobile device has an access to the Internet.
  2. Open the XMediusFAX application.
  3. Use your embedded camera to scan your documents, or select documents from your local/cloud file storage location.
  4. Add recipient(s) and send the fax.
    Note: Among other additional options, you can:
    • Select contacts from your mobile device (if they have a fax number) or your XM Fax Phone Book, and manage favorites.
    • Personalize your fax and change fax options before sending the fax.
    • Delay the sending of the fax (scheduled date/time).

Faxing from a Multi-Function Printer

Multi-Function Printers/Devices (MFP/MFD) can be used to fax your paper documents through your XM Fax Service, either via its embedded scan-to-mail functionality, or via a dedicated fax connector/app interface.
Note: The availability of these features and the way to use them depend on the device implementation/configuration performed by your administrator (see XM Fax Integration with Multi-Function Printers).

Faxing by Email from an MFP

Note: To use this method, your MFP must have a scan-to-mail functionality.
  1. Prepare your documents to be scanned.
  2. Simply send an email using the scan-to-mail functionality of the device (when available):
    • To: fax_number@domain (or only the fax number, depending on the device configuration).
    • From: the email address of your Cloud user account.
    Note: In the "To" field:
    • The fax_number should be formatted according to the international format (E.164);
    • The domain depends on the region of your enterprise account : xmedius.com for North America, or xmedius.eu for Europe.
    Some examples of fax addressing:
    • +15551234567@xmedius.com (from NA enterprise account to NA destination)
    • +33141234567@xmedius.com (from NA enterprise account to Europe destination)
    • +33141234567@xmedius.eu (from Europe enterprise account to Europe destination)
    • +15551234567@xmedius.eu (from Europe enterprise account to NA destination)

Faxing from an MFP using an XM Fax Connector/App

Note: To use this method, the appropriate XMediusFAX/XM Fax Connector/App must be installed on your MFP.
  1. Prepare your documents to be scanned.
  2. Select the XMediusFAX or XM Fax button on the device home page.
  3. Add recipient(s) and send the fax.
    Note: The scanning of your documents is managed through the faxing process. Just follow the on-screen instructions.
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