Requesting a Copy of Your Account Data

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At any time, you can obtain a copy of all fax data that is still retained in your account (subject to specific conditions and fees).

Details and Fees

Any requested copy of your data will be charged at the prevailing rate of the XMedius Cloud Services.

One package will be provided for each service for which you requested the data, with the following content:
  • XM Fax Service: all stored fax records (i.e. the whole database containing the fax metadata) and fax images (i.e. the fax pages).
  • XM SendSecure Service: the decrypted versions of all files stored in SafeBoxes and all related SafeBox Audit Records (PDFs).
Note: The packages will only include the data that is still retained on our servers at the time the copy is performed (according to your retention scheme).

How to Request Data Copy

Simply open a support request ( and clearly express your needs, specifying "Account Data Copy Request".

You will then be contacted by the XMedius Cloud team, which will guide you through the process.
Important: In a context of XMedius Cloud account termination: your data will be kept for 30 days after your account has been terminated. After this delay, all data will be permanently deleted without further notice and it will no longer be possible to provide you with a copy of it. Thus, it is necessary to initiate any data copy request before the end of this period.
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