Porting Out Fax Numbers

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At any time, we recognize your right to keep control of your fax numbers and use them through another service provider (whether you decide to continue using the XM Fax service or not).


You can port out any fax number from your XMedius Cloud account, whether it was initially ported in from another provider or directly provided by us.

Please advise the XMedius Cloud team once the port out is initiated. Best business efforts will then be applied to ensure that you can benefit from a continuous use of your fax numbers and avoid unexpected fees.
Important: In a context of XMedius Cloud account termination: since porting out numbers can take several weeks, it is recommended that you initiate the port out at least 2 months before your account termination becomes effective. Once your account is terminated, we cannot guarantee that porting out your numbers will be possible (as the numbers could be released).

Technical Restrictions

Only the owner of a number can initiate a port out and we cannot prevent situations where some of your numbers would be ported out by mistake from your XMedius Cloud account.
Attention: As when you started using the XM Fax service you presumably ported only a subset of all your numbers, you must be extra careful before porting the remainder of your numbers to a new carrier. Make sure you do not include fax numbers that would have been already ported to your XMedius Cloud account. Otherwise, your XMedius Cloud account's fax numbers will be transfered to the new carrier and your inbound fax traffic will be interrupted until the numbers are ported back, which could take several days.

Once the port out of a number is initiated, it cannot be canceled. The number can be eventually ported back to your XMedius Cloud account, however additional fees will apply.

Also, depending on your country, be aware that the telephone service provider may apply conditions to port out your numbers (e.g require that your numbers are ported out in batches instead of individually).

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