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Your XM Fax Service includes the storage and retention of your faxes. This article provides all details you should know about this feature and describes the options you have to customize it.

Default Behavior and Benefits

By default, all faxes sent and received by all users of your enterprise account will be stored and retained on our servers as long as you have your account.

Thus, all faxes remain available without time limitation through the Web Portal of your XM Fax Service. They benefit from a secured and survivable storage environment and can be accessed only by their respective owners or by audited administrators.


Retention for faxes sent/received within the last 90 days is free.

All faxes retained over 90 days are charged monthly at a predefined rate per page (specified by contract).

Custom Retention Schemes

Depending on your company legal obligations or archiving requirements, you may need to set your fax retention according to a precise scheme.

To do this, simply open a support request (https://support.xmedius.com/hc/requests/new) and clearly express your needs. Typical schemes are described below.
Attention: Once your request has been processed, all faxes already exceeding the specified retention period will start to be automatically and permanently deleted from our servers. Also note that any change to your fax retention/deletion scheme will apply to all users and administrators of your enterprise account, without exception.

Fixed Retention Scheme (Over 90 Days)

If you need to archive your faxes for a fixed period (several years, for example), just specify this period in your request.

All faxes retained over 90 days are charged monthly at the expected rate. Then, at the end of the requested retention period, these faxes (i.e. fax records and fax images) will be permanently deleted from our servers.

90-Day (or less) Retention Scheme

If you have no specific archiving/legal requirements, you can request for a free 90-day (or less) retention of your faxes.
Note: The minimum that you can request is 7 days of retention.

After the requested period of retention at no charge, faxes (i.e. fax records and fax images) will be permanently deleted from our servers.

Zero Retention Scheme

Depending on your company policies, for example if your company requires to strictly comply with information/data privacy laws, you might want to set your account for immediate fax deletion. You can request for a "Zero Retention" scheme to achieve this.

However, the Zero Retention scheme implies some rules and restrictions you must be aware of:
  • The immediate deletion only applies to the fax images (i.e. the fax pages) and depends on the fax notification delivery success:
    • When the fax notification delivery is successful, the fax image is immediately and permanently deleted.
    • When the fax notification delivery is not successful, the fax image is always kept for 7 days (not configurable) so that the delivery can be reattempted. The fax image permanent deletion will only occur after this delay (even after successful reattempt).
    Note: Fax notification delivery is considered successful only if all the expected notifications were successfully sent. In addition for inbound faxes only, at least one notification destination must have been set to deliver the faxes (and even unrouted faxes) out of the system – by email, to a printer, a folder, etc.
    Important: A fax that was received is deemed being in the possession of the recipient and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is appropriately processed. As such, it is essential to ensure that the infrastructure used to receive notifications at your premises is highly available.
  • All fax records (i.e only the fax metadata without the fax content) are always kept for a minimum of 7 days (or more, if you request it) and will be permanently deleted after this delay.
Note: Even when Zero Retention is enabled, data temporarily kept on the system to process the fax transaction might be captured by a system backup.
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