XMediusFAX (Cloud) App for Xerox ConnectKey Enabled MFPs

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The XMediusFAX® App for Xerox® ConnectKey® enabled MFPs is a solution allowing to fax documents through the XMediusFAX Cloud service, directly from MFDs that support the Xerox ConnectKey technology.

Getting the App

You can get the XMediusFAX (Cloud) App:

Before Installing the App

An account with the XMediusFAX Cloud service is required to use this App.

For more information:

Documentation (Download)

Document Download in...
Installation Guide Describes all steps to install and configure the App on your MFPs. English | French | German
Installation Guide for Xerox Resellers Describes all steps for a Xerox Reseller to install and configure the App on MFPs on behalf of customers. English
User Instruction Sheet Quickly shows how to send a simple fax and provides an overview of the options offered to the users of the App. English | French | German | Spanish | Italian | Portuguese | Russian
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