XM Fax Integration with Printer Destinations (Enabling Fax/Notification Printing)

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This article provides instructions to configure Printer Destinations in order to enable the printing of faxes/notifications to your on-premise printers (remotely from the XM Fax platform).

Fax/notification printing can be enabled depending on the technology used by your printers:

Printing Faxes/Notifications through Email

Procedure to create and configure a Printer Destination in your fax service settings in order to print faxes/notifications by email (using HP ePrint compliant printers or any other SMTP capable printers).

Note: Pre-requisites depend on your printer model:
  • For HP ePrint compliant printer:
    • The printer must be connected to the internet;
    • You must obtain an ePrint email address from HP.
  • For other SMTP capable printer:
    • You must have an SMTP server;
    • The printer must be able to receive emails from the domain corresponding to the region of your enterprise account (i.e. xmedius.com for North America or xmedius.eu for Europe);
    • You must assign an SMTP address to the printer.
  1. Access the XM Fax > Settings interface.
  2. In Notification Destinations > Printers, click Add and give the destination a name.
  3. Choose a Printing Method according to your printer model: SMTP or HP ePrint.
  4. Enter the email address of your printer as Destination Address.
  5. Click OK to complete the Printer Destination creation.

In order to finalize the configuration and allow your faxes to be printed, you still need to configure your fax routing mechanism to use the above created Printer Destination. This can be through the Incoming Routing Table (to route incoming faxes) or through a faxing Profile (to use it as additional notification destination).

For more information, please consult the fax settings dedicated help (Help > XM Fax Administration Help).

Printing Faxes/Notifications Using the MFP Printing Tool for XM Fax Cloud

Following Google's decision to abandon their Google Cloud Print services, the MFP Printing Tool for XM Fax Cloud by LNB can be used as an alternative.

For detailed explanations on how to use this tool to print your faxes, please refer to our dedicated KB article: Printing Faxes using the MFP Printing Tool for XM Fax Cloud (3rd party application)

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