Routing Faxes to Google Drive

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With the use of the Google Cloud Printing method in a Printer Destination, you can easily configure your fax service to route your faxes to a Google Drive account. This has several advantages:
  • The faxes are available at any time on your Google Drive;
  • You can share your faxes with other people with Google accounts;
  • You can download them at any time to your workstation;
Attention: Using the Google Cloud Print service in your fax routing flow allows Google access to the data contained in your faxes. Under such a configuration, encrypted fax delivery is not guaranteed end-to-end by XMedius. Please refer to Google's terms of service.


To implement this feature, you need to have a Google account.


  1. Access the XM Fax > Settings interface.
  2. In Notification Destinations > Printers, click Add and give the destination a name.
  3. Choose Google Cloud Print as Printing Method.
  4. Acquire an OAuth Token:
    Important: Ensure to be connected to the proper Google Drive account.
    1. Click Acquire Token.

      You will be asked to give your fax service the permission to access your Google account.

    2. Click Allow Access.
  5. Back to your Printer Destination configuration, select the Save to Google Docs printer.
  6. Click OK to complete the Printer Destination creation.

In order to finalize the configuration and allow your faxes to be sent to your Google Drive account, you still need to configure your fax routing mechanism to use the above created Printer Destination. This can be through the Incoming Routing Table (to route incoming faxes) or through a faxing Profile (to use it as additional notification destination).

For more information, please consult the fax settings dedicated help (Help > XM Fax Administration Help).

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