XM Fax Integration with Email Infrastructures

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Integration to send faxes through email with the XM Fax Service.

Allowing Users to Basically Send Faxes through Email

For basic fax service, no configuration is required on your server, nor on the workstations. As long as users can send an email over the internet (e.g. with MS Outlook, Gmail, Office 365...), they will be able to fax via the XM Fax Service.

For a user to be able to send a fax through email, the following conditions must be observed:
  • The user must have an account in your XM Fax Service.
  • The email address used to send emails must be the one configured in the user account.
To send a fax (using any email client), the user only needs to send an email to fax_number@xmedius.com.
Note: In the "To" field:
  • The fax_number should be formatted according to the international format (E.164);
  • The domain depends on the region of your enterprise account : xmedius.com for North America, or xmedius.eu for Europe.
Some examples of fax addressing:
  • +15551234567@xmedius.com (from NA enterprise account to NA destination)
  • +33141234567@xmedius.com (from NA enterprise account to Europe destination)
  • +33141234567@xmedius.eu (from Europe enterprise account to Europe destination)
  • +15551234567@xmedius.eu (from Europe enterprise account to NA destination)

Configuring Advanced Faxing via Specific Email Clients

Specific features for advanced faxing are also available (upon configuration) for Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes.

Securing Email Communications

Your XM Fax Service offers you several means to secure (upon configuration) all email communications related with your account faxing activity.

For more details, see Securing Email Communications.

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