Sending Faxes: Overview

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An introduction to all faxing means available when using the XM Fax Service.

Sending Faxes

The XM Fax Service offers you several ways to send faxes.

Viewing Sent Faxes

Regardless to the faxing means used, you can always follow the fax submission progress in the Outgoing Queue folder of the XM Fax application within your Web Portal (Faxes page).

Depending on the account configuration, you may also receive fax delivery confirmation emails upon success or failure of fax delivery.

After submission, all your sent faxes are stored in the Outbound History folder.
Important: Stored faxes may be automatically deleted after a certain time. The fax retention policy depends on your XM Fax Service agreement.


Detailed information about all the faxing means described below is available in a common User Guide.
  • A PDF version of this User Guide is automatically made available when any of the bundled client applications is installed (see Faxing using Windows Applications/Tools). It can be found in the following location: <hard_disk>\Program Files (x86)\XMediusFAX\Doc.
  • Applications also have integrated help topics available from their menu.
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    How do I set up a short cut in outlook to send a fax easily?

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