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Multi-Function Printers/Devices (MFP/MFD) are fax/scanner/printer/copier machines that can be included in your local area network thanks to their built-in LAN access. They can be integrated with your XM Fax Service in two main ways:

Scan to Email/T.37

Any MFP that has the ability to send through the Internet an email with a scanned document as attachment can fax through your XM Fax Service.

The To Field

When composing the email from the device, the user will only need to enter in the To field the following instead of a regular email address: fax_number@domain, where:
  • fax_number should be formatted according to the international format (E.164);
  • domain depends on the region of your enterprise account : xmedius.com for USA, xmedius.ca for Canada or xmedius.eu for Europe.
Note: Some MFPs are T.37 compliant and allow the administrator to pre-configure the domain of the XM Fax Service. Users will then simply need to enter a fax number as destination.
Some examples of fax addressing:
  • +15551234567@xmedius.com (from US enterprise account to US/Canada destination)
  • +33141234567@xmedius.com (from US enterprise account to Europe destination)
  • +33141234567@xmedius.eu (from Europe enterprise account to Europe destination)
  • +15551234567@xmedius.eu (from Europe enterprise account to US/Canada destination)

The From Field

To ensure that the email will be eventually sent as a fax, the sender (From field of the email) must be a User of your Enterprise Account.
Important: You must ensure that the From field will always be filled (either manually, or automatically by MFP login) with the appropriate email address – corresponding to the user who is actually sending the email/fax.

MFP Connectors/Apps

Several connectors/apps have been developed to further facilitate faxing with MFPs through a dedicated user interface that enables options inherited from the XM Fax Service (selecting a cover sheet, adding recipient info, selecting and saving phone book contacts, changing sender/fax/scan options...).

XM Fax Connectors/apps are currently available for MFPs that are compatible with various technologies such as:
  • eCopy ShareScan
  • Fuji Xerox Apeos
  • HP Workpath
  • Lexmark eSF
  • Ricoh ESA
  • Ricoh Smart Operation Panel
  • Sharp OSA
  • Toshiba e-Bridge Next (eBN)
  • Xerox ConnectKey
  • Xerox EIP
To get these MFP connectors/apps, see Software & Tools / XM Fax Service or contact us at sales@xmedius.com.
Note: Each connector/app comes with its own documentation explaining how to install, configure and use it. For further information, visit our website: www.xmedius.com
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