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Billing Scheme: Subscription vs. Prepaid

The billing of your services will be performed according to your type of enterprise account (set up at your account creation):

Subscription Mode

If your account was set in Subscription mode, you will receive monthly invoices (according to your billing period) for your service usage and any other charges* related to your subscribed plan.

Payments and adjustments will be made according to your preferred payment method, and statements are available through the Statements page of your Web portal.

Prepaid Mode

If your account was set in Prepaid mode, you will always need to have credits in advance in your account in order to benefit from the service.

Credits can be obtained by purchasing a Voucher through your reseller. A Voucher consists of a unique alphanumerical key (Voucher Code) and contains a predefined amount of credits. It has a predefined lifetime that starts once you redeem the Voucher by entering the code in your Web Portal. The credits can then be consumed until they expire according to the Voucher's lifetime.

Credits will be consumed on a daily basis for your service usage (according to a predefined credit rate) and on a monthly basis for any other charges* related to your account. All credit transactions are listed in the Credit History page, where you can also redeem your purchased vouchers (for more details, see Adding Credits Using a Voucher Code).

* For example, charges for your inbound DIDs (see Managing Fax Numbers) or for the retention of your faxes (see Fax Retention).

Resources Available in your Web Portal

Several pages about your service usage and billing are available in your Web portal (only to your account administrators).

Usage Reports

The Usage Detail page displays fax usage as a bar graph for a given period and a summary table showing the number of inbound and outbound faxes by Group. Clicking on any number in the table leads to a page providing additional details, depending on your selection (inbound, outbound, Group). This page displays inbound faxes per user or outbound faxes per fax number for a given period for either all Groups or a specific Group. The outbound fax view shows the usernames, whereas the inbound fax view displays the fax numbers.

Note: You have the choice to report your usage either following your billing cycle or by calendar month. Usage is calculated and billed according to your billing time zone (preset at your account creation).

The Dashboard page displays multiple XM Fax and SendSecure usage statistics for a chosen period. These statistics include the total inbound and outbound fax pages, the number of active SafeBoxes, the number of registered users, provisioned fax numbers and fax retention.

Statements (Subscription Mode Only)

The Statements page displays all your past account statements with the most recent one on top. For each past billing period, you can view the new charges added and the balance forward.

Several options are available to get more statement information: View the statement in web page version, download PDF version, or Download CDR to get a csv file of the call detail records (in More Actions).

Credit History (Prepaid Mode Only)

The Credit History page displays all credit transactions performed on your account, latest on top (with your current credit balance). This page also provides an estimate of your remaining credit lifetime, based on your average usage.

If you want to add credits to your account, you need to purchase a Voucher first. Once you obtained a Voucher Code, you just need to enter it through the Redeem a Voucher Code link available on the Credit History page.

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  • Avatar
    Thoraia Soliman

    what if I would like to change to subscription instead of using the voucher?

  • Avatar
    An Nguyen

    Hi Thoraia,

    You can always switch the payment mode, please contact your Regional Sales Manager and he/she will be able to assist you with the change.


    An Nguyen

  • Avatar
    Steve Smith

    Is there a means of being notified when we're approaching the end of our prepaid credits?

  • Avatar
    Bin Wu

    From looking at our credit history, we were charged 4080 credits for our 102 DIDs. For the past couple of years, the charge was 2040 credits. This amount has doubled. Is this a billing error?

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