Automatically Printing Faxes on Printers

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This article addresses the most simple and straightforward scenario about using an on-location printer as a fax machine to print all your incoming faxes.
Note: More advanced configurations can be achieved (for a more complex routing where the printer is only one of many destinations). For more information, please consult the fax settings dedicated help (Help > XM Fax Administration Help).

Configuring your XM Fax Service to Automatically Print your Incoming Faxes

You must first create a printer destination and then ensure to route all faxes to this printer destination.

Creating a Printer Destination

  1. Select XM Fax > Settings in the portal menu.
  2. Go to Notification Destinations > Printers
  3. Add/configure a Printer Destination according to the model of the printer to be used (see all details in article: XM Fax Integration with Printer Destinations (Enabling Fax/Notification Printing)).

Making your Printer the Default Destination for Faxes

With the following configuration, all users will continue to receive their faxes as before, and all faxes – without distinction – will also be printed on the previously configured printer.

  1. Go to Incoming Routing Table

    Basically, your incoming routing table should already contain a Directories Lookup rule (to route faxes to users) and a Default rule (optional though recommended to take care of misrouted faxes).

  2. Ensure to have the following option selected in the existing Directories Lookup rule: If this routing entry matches, continue processing the routing table.

    This will ensure that all faxes will be processed by the following rule (to be created below).

  3. Add a Direct Rule.
  4. Select Match DNIS/DID for the routing and enter only an asterisk (*) for the pattern.
  5. In the Routing Destinations, Add the printer destination that you have configured.
  6. Click OK.
Now the new Direct rule should appear below the Directories Lookup rule, and all the faxes will be printed on the selected printer.
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