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A description of groups (and faxing profiles) and how to manage them.

What is a Group?

A group is a collection of users and fax numbers that has the following purposes:
  • Users categorization for organization regroupment purposes (e.g. a department).
  • Users association to a set of predefined properties (depending on the subscribed services).
  • Service usage billing based on the group's users (and fax numbers, if any).
By design, a user always belongs to a group, and a fax number always belongs to a group.
Note: Users and fax numbers may be found in a same group, but they have no direct relationship (in fact, specific user/fax number configurations must be performed by the administrator – see Managing Fax Numbers).

Group Management

Groups are managed by administrators via the Groups page of the account portal. The group tagged as Default Group is the one that will be pre-selected by default at new user or new fax number creation. There can be only one default group among your available groups – but you can change it.

Groups in the Context of the XM Fax Service

In the context of the XM Fax Service, a group has the following specific purposes:
  • Users association to a faxing profile.
  • Outbound usage billing based on the users of the group who send faxes.
  • Inbound usage billing based on the fax numbers of the group that receive faxes.
Note: Having users and fax numbers in the same group can be useful to keep some kind of consistency in the XM Fax Service billing process.

What is a Faxing Profile?

A faxing profile is a collection of properties (cover sheets, phone books, faxing/security options...) that will be applied to several users for faxing purposes. All users associated to the same faxing profile will share the same faxing properties.

Relationship between Groups and Faxing Profiles

Users are always associated to a faxing profile through the group to which they belong. More precisely:
  • When you ensure to have a group and a faxing profile that bear the same name, they are automatically associated.
  • When a group exists but no faxing profile bears its name, it is automatically associated to the default faxing profile (Basic).

This means that, if you want to use a specific faxing profile for a specific group of users, you only need to create a new faxing profile that bears the same name as the targeted group.

Managing Faxing Profiles

Faxing profiles are managed by administrators via the XM Fax > Settings interface (see: Profiles). For more information on profiles and all their properties, consult the XM Fax Settings online help (Help > XM Fax Administration Help).

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