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The XMedius Cloud platform includes:
  • An Account Administration functionality, that allows the management of your Enterprise Account and all related User Accounts.
    Note: This functionality is always provided when you subscribe to at least one service, and is common to all subscribed services – which means, among others, that a user will be able to benefit from all services using the same User Account.
  • The following services (available according to your Enterprise Account subscription):
    • XM SendSecure:

      This service allows users to easily and securely exchange large and/or sensitive files via virtual SafeBoxes.

    • XM Fax:

      This service allows users to send and receive faxes in multiple ways (many integrations with your business environment can be configured).


Here are listed the main help topics to administer your XMedius Cloud Enterprise account and use/configure your Services. Each link below will redirect you to a dedicated Knowledge Base article with detailed information and procedures.
Tip: You can download a PDF version regrouping all articles listed below.

Additional articles for more specific issue workarounds and troubleshooting (not linked from here) are also available in the Knowlege Base.

Note that some topics are intended for end users of the services, while the others are intended for Enterprise Account administrators.

Additional documentation

Further topics (not found here) about the XM Fax Service and its web interfaces are available from the Web Portal's menu:
  • XM Fax user interface: Help > XM Fax Help.
  • XM Fax settings for administrators: Help > XM Fax Administration Help.

PDF Download

This PDF regroups all the above listed topics and is updated each time an article is added or modified. Please check your current downloaded version.


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