XMedius Cloud Update • 2017-10-06

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This article lists the changes of the XMedius Cloud platform and services as of 2017-10-06.

Account Administration

  • Improved user identification process when accessing the Help Desk.
  • Prepaid credits can now be consumed by any service according to predefined credit rates specific to each service.
  • Charges for SendSecure in prepaid now appear in the Credit History of prepaid accounts.
  • Additional email addresses can now be specified to receive automated messages related to billing (i.e. monthly invoice and CDR for accounts with subscription; credit expiration reminders for prepaid accounts).
  • Implementation of a new form to support number ordering in Italy.
  • Various improvements and fixes in number ordering/porting processes.
  • Support of AD FS 2012 for Single Sign On configurations.
  • Implementation of a notification service to support upcoming mobile device notification functionality.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • The phone number of a participant who created a SafeBox via a Secure Link is now marked as verified only if the participant successfully used this number through two-factor authentication process.
  • Added support for upcoming SendSecure App for Xerox ConnectKey enabled MFPs.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.
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