Update on the outage of our Fax and SendSecure services on the US platform

Team XMedius -

Our outage is related to the major outage of Amazon S3 in the US East region.


We have taken actions to mitigate some of the issues:

  • The web portals are now accessible normally
  • Emails send by the management portal and the SendSecure services are now delivered


The following issues are still undergoing:

  • Files cannot be uploaded/downloaded through SendSecure
  • Administrators cannot download their Call Detail Records from the management portal


Note that fax traffic was not affected by this outage. Outbound and Inbound faxes continued to flow through as usual and faxes continued to be delivered normally (by email and other means).


We are following closely on the evolution of the issue with Amazon S3.


The XMedius Cloud team

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