Internal Faxing (loopback) outage on 2017-02-15 affecting US platform

Team XMedius -

On 2017-02-15, we experienced an outage that partly affected the availability of our fax service in the US. The outage was not detected and addressed in a timely fashion and, as such, called for an internal analysis of what could be done to prevent it.

The outage affected only Internal Faxing, meaning faxes sent in loopback From and To your XMediusFAX Cloud account. Between 1:33 am and 11:10am all loopback faxes were stuck in the fax delivery queue. Depending on your account configuration, loopback faxes may have been cancelled (for being in queue for too long) or at least delayed.

Our post incident analysis revealed a lack of monitoring for Internal Faxing in comparison to the effectiveness of what we have for traditional Outbound and Inbound faxes. We are taking actions and adding necessary monitoring, making our teams rapidly aware of the situation if it occurs again. 

We are publishing this article as part of our commitment to transparency toward our customers. We are sorry for any inconvenience this outage might have caused.

The XMedius Cloud team

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