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This article lists the changes of the XM Fax service.


A new version of SendFAX ( is available within the XM Fax Client Package for Windows:
  • SendFAX now supports SSO using SAML 2.0 (when the Enterprise Account is configured for this).
  • The user login flow in SendFAX is now handled via an embedded browser within the application.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.


  • Google Cloud printer destinations now only receive notifications according to the inbound/outbound notification event options that are enabled in the destination's configuration.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • New options are available in folder/mail/python destination settings to adjust (virtually upscale) the vertical resolution of low resolution images in order to prevent unexpected image disproportions in the delivered fax files.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Inbound fax email notification templates can now be customized to include a direct link (URL) to access the related inbound fax in the Web Portal, using the following syntax:


    • As an example, if the enterprise account is on the US platform, the <regional_platform_address> is faxus1.xmedius.com
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Google Cloud Print destinations now select printers through their unique ID to avoid conflicts between printers that have the same name.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Fax download events performed through the Web Services are now included in the Fax Event Log.
  • User ID is now case insensitive when performing actions through the Web Services using a user token.
  • Remote folder notification process has been improved to prevent system issues when using SFTP/SCP.
  • FoIP Driver has been improved to better manage specific issues that may occur during the call processing.
  • FoIP Driver error code handling has been improved to address specific cases of error code mappings.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • The Web Services have been improved to provide users with the ability to perform any allowed action on their faxes.
  • New methods have been added to the Web Services to allow to get the list of XMediusFAX destinations available to a user and support inbound fax forwarding to these destinations.
  • The remote folder destination path interpretation mechanism has been fixed to allow absolute paths to be properly reached during fax delivery.
  • Support of push notifications for the upcoming XMediusFAX Mobile App version 2.0 (for iOS and Android).
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • The recipient address extraction process of the email-to-fax functionality has been improved to avoid displaying unnecessary information on fax cover sheets (for example, the email domain used to redirect the emails to the fax service).
  • The fax telecom module has been improved to increase successful fax delivery rate by being more tolerant to unusual situations.
  • The Web Services API has been improved to additionally support the sending of the Access Token in the standard basic auth header.
  • Support of the upcoming XMediusFAX Mobile App version 2.0 (for iOS and Android), which will include fax list management and push notifications.
  • Support of the upcoming XMediusFAX App for Toshiba MFPs.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • A new variable @@TRANSAMPM can now be used in fax headers to properly specify the period of the day (AM/PM) in which the fax transaction occurred. Note that the previous variable @@TRANSAM_PM should no longer be used.
  • The Web Services now include several methods allowing the management of Fax Box Delegation.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Image rendering quality improvement in conversion of PDF/HTML/JPG/GIF documents.
  • Large images converted from HTML documents are now resized to fit in a single fax page.
  • Sender's fax number override performed during fax composition will now be taken into account if the number is allowed for the sending user.
  • Email notifications having very long attachment names with non-ASCII characters will now be delivered in a readable format.
  • Faxes sent by email with extended recipient information will no longer show the email domain in recipient properties.
  • Fax notes containing special characters can now be successfully edited through the Web Client.
  • Applications using the Web Services can now get the admin error code when retrieving fax properties.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Added support for the upcoming XMediusFAX Hybrid functionality.
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