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This article lists the changes of the XM Fax service.


A new version of SendFAX ( is available within the XM Fax Client Package for Windows:

Additional Fields for Custom Purposes in Fax Properties

Additional fields can now be enabled and configured to be used as custom fax properties for specific corporate purposes.

  • The configuration is available per Enterprise Account through a new tab Additional Fields in General Settings.
  • Two independent sets of fields can be configured and used: for inbound faxes and for outbound faxes.
  • Both sets can include up to 5 Custom fields (to store custom property values).
  • When enabled, these fields become visible and editable by administrators on all faxes, and they can be made visible and/or editable on the user side depending on permissions defined by administrators.
  • These field values can be programmatically processed as any other fax metadata (i.e. as variables where applicable or via specific methods in Web Services, Python scripts, XML command files, or as bodycodes in email-to-fax).

Administrative View of Fax Box Delegations

Administrators now have access to the list of all fax box delegations currently set up within an Enterprise Account.

  • The list provides an overview of all delegations of the Enterprise Account, showing the fax box owner, the delegate and the delegation start date.
  • The list is sorted by fax box (owner's SMTP address) and can be filtered according to the users involved in the delegation (owners as well as delegates).
  • Through this list, administrators can edit and delete any existing delegation and can also create new delegations on behalf of users.
  • The Fax Box Delegation functionality still needs to be enabled in the General Settings of the Enterprise Account to be effective on the user side, but the administrators can manage the list of delegations even if the functionality is disabled.

Web Phone Book Integration in SendFAX

Users can now integrate their Web Phone Books with their SendFAX application, in addition to the local phone book that was dedicated to SendFAX.

  • This integration - which is configurable through the SendFAX options - includes the user's personal Web Phone Book (managed by the user via the Web Client) and any public Web Phone Book that was made available to the user by the administrator.
  • When addressing a fax in SendFAX, the user can select the Web Phone Books (personal and public, merged into a single contact list) through the same drop-down list used to select the existing local phone book.
  • Personal Web Phone Book contacts can be created from the list of recipients when composing a fax via SendFAX. They can also be edited through the phone book section of SendFAX (while public contacts remain read-only).

Fax Preview in Web Client Composition Section

Users of the Web Client can now preview their faxes before sending them.

  • A new "Preview" button has been added close to the "Submit" button of the fax composition screen.
  • When the user clicks on this button:
    • All pages of the fax (including the cover sheet and all current attachments) are pre-converted and displayed in the embedded fax viewer of the Web Client.
    • Administrators can see a "Preview generated" item temporarily appearing in the Outgoing Queue during the rasterization process (although no fax is sent at this time).
  • Once the preview is displayed, the user can directly send the fax or return to the composition screen to perform changes before actually sending the fax.

Other Changes

  • In Python destinations, added new methods to set and get the language to be used as the locale (i.e. for error messages and solutions, sending and receiving statuses and fax banner).
  • A new keyword "DEFAULT" can now be used to specify the use of the default cover sheet when sending a fax.
  • The content of the XSLT in Folder Destination Properties is no longer editable. It is now only possible to add or modify XSLT code by creating a ticket with technical support.
  • Image rendering improvements: better fax image quality for jpg, png, and tiff files through refined image capture technology.
  • The timeout of remote folder destinations is now automatically adjusted according to the folder's data transfer activity.
  • Added checkbox to enable or disable peer certificates in TLS communications in FTPS folder destinations.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Body/comments containing only non printable (blank) characters will now be ignored when processing fax inputs, avoiding failures to rasterize fax contents.
  • In addition to blocking incoming calls based on the From number, the platform now allows blocking calls based on the Asserted Identity of the remote caller in case of Anonymous calls.
  • A new version of SendFAX ( is available within the XM Fax Client Package for Windows:

  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


A new version of SendFAX ( is available within the XM Fax Client Package for Windows:


  • Google Cloud printer destinations now only receive notifications according to the inbound/outbound notification event options that are enabled in the destination's configuration.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • New options are available in folder/mail/python destination settings to adjust (virtually upscale) the vertical resolution of low resolution images in order to prevent unexpected image disproportions in the delivered fax files.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Inbound fax email notification templates can now be customized to include a direct link (URL) to access the related inbound fax in the Web Portal, using the following syntax:


    • As an example, if the enterprise account is on the US platform, the <regional_platform_address> is faxus1.xmedius.com
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Google Cloud Print destinations now select printers through their unique ID to avoid conflicts between printers that have the same name.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Fax download events performed through the Web Services are now included in the Fax Event Log.
  • User ID is now case insensitive when performing actions through the Web Services using a user token.
  • Remote folder notification process has been improved to prevent system issues when using SFTP/SCP.
  • FoIP Driver has been improved to better manage specific issues that may occur during the call processing.
  • FoIP Driver error code handling has been improved to address specific cases of error code mappings.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • The Web Services have been improved to provide users with the ability to perform any allowed action on their faxes.
  • New methods have been added to the Web Services to allow to get the list of XMediusFAX destinations available to a user and support inbound fax forwarding to these destinations.
  • The remote folder destination path interpretation mechanism has been fixed to allow absolute paths to be properly reached during fax delivery.
  • Support of push notifications for the upcoming XMediusFAX Mobile App version 2.0 (for iOS and Android).
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • The recipient address extraction process of the email-to-fax functionality has been improved to avoid displaying unnecessary information on fax cover sheets (for example, the email domain used to redirect the emails to the fax service).
  • The fax telecom module has been improved to increase successful fax delivery rate by being more tolerant to unusual situations.
  • The Web Services API has been improved to additionally support the sending of the Access Token in the standard basic auth header.
  • Support of the upcoming XMediusFAX Mobile App version 2.0 (for iOS and Android), which will include fax list management and push notifications.
  • Support of the upcoming XMediusFAX App for Toshiba MFPs.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • A new variable @@TRANSAMPM can now be used in fax headers to properly specify the period of the day (AM/PM) in which the fax transaction occurred. Note that the previous variable @@TRANSAM_PM should no longer be used.
  • The Web Services now include several methods allowing the management of Fax Box Delegation.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Image rendering quality improvement in conversion of PDF/HTML/JPG/GIF documents.
  • Large images converted from HTML documents are now resized to fit in a single fax page.
  • Sender's fax number override performed during fax composition will now be taken into account if the number is allowed for the sending user.
  • Email notifications having very long attachment names with non-ASCII characters will now be delivered in a readable format.
  • Faxes sent by email with extended recipient information will no longer show the email domain in recipient properties.
  • Fax notes containing special characters can now be successfully edited through the Web Client.
  • Applications using the Web Services can now get the admin error code when retrieving fax properties.
  • Various other improvements and security fixes.


  • Added support for the upcoming XMediusFAX Hybrid functionality.
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